Tai Chi Qi Gong 18 Movements Parts 1 & 2

Tai Chi Qi Gong is one of the most popular styles of qi gong around the world because it is effective and easy to learn. It is derived from thousands of years of Chinese experience in the healing arts and sciences, based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, yin/yang and meridian theory. Tai Chi Qi Gong is a powerful way of healing and staying healthy. Some of the benefits of this qi gong form include: Increased Qi (life force), improved blood circulation, speeds recovery from illness and surgery, strengthens tendons, ligaments & joints, strengthens the immune system, improves sleeping functions.

The Tai Chi Qi Gong 18 Movements Parts 1 and 2 are gentle series of Qi Gong movements that serve to restore and rebuild our internal foundation, providing us the tools to support our self-healing and health restoration. Part 1 is intended for any health level and was designed as a rehabilitative sequence of movements. Practice of Part 1 supports the regeneration of basic health. Part 2 was designed to tonify the body. Once the basic health has been restored, we can begin to build strength. The practice of these sequences supports your return to health and vitality in a gentle and effective way.

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